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Introduction of our company

Wenzhou Baofeng Lock Co.,Ltd is the largest alarm lock manufacturing enterprise in China,has more than 150 employees.We have been in alarm lock manufacturing for 10years. Our brand name is: KINBAR.

We are specializing in developing and producing locks. We have different kinds of locks, such as siren alarm padlock, alarm disc lock, alarm u lock, alarm cable lock, normal padlock, cable lock, u lock etc.

Our main product is siren alarm lock. The only lock with built-in alarm, movement and shock sensor. They are used to protect peoples property by scaring thieves away. They can be widely used for Cars, Bicycles, Motorbikes, Campervans, Containers, Machinery, Gates, Garages, Sheds, Toolboxes etc.

Our company is enjoying a sound reputation, we always do as we promise, we can provide good service to our customers, and gurantee our products. Our products are more and more popular in different markets, we have exported to many different countries. Our customers are satisfied with our products coz of their good quality. They have got CE, and RoHS certificate.

We are willing to do business who is interested in our products, we also will try to best to cooperate with each other, and develop the market together, enjoy the mutual benefit.


Company History

We were founded in the year of 2006, produced normal padlock. Begun to produce alarm padlock in the year of 2007. Built the brand name” KINBAR” in the year of 2008. Changed the name into “Wenzhou Baofeng lock co.,ltd’ in the year of 2014.

Now we develop and produce many different kinds of locks, main locks are alarm locks.

Any questions?

1How many series of locks?
Alarm locks: Alarm padlock, alarm disc lock, alarm cable lock, alarm u lock, alarm chain lock, alarm rectangular padlock, alarm door lock. Normal locks: Brass padlock, zinc padlock, plastic covered aluminum padlock, combination padlock, laminated padlock
2How many decibels of the alarm lock?
Normal 110dbs.
3What materials of the alarm locks?
Zinc alloy, Aluminum alloy material.
4What materials of the shackle?
Hardened steel material, we also can provide manganese material shackle.
5How to set up the locks with alarm system?
Different models have different way to set, each lock have the instructions.
6Can all the locks alarm?
All the alarm locks have 2 functions, you can set it with alarm or without alarm. Except alarm rectangular padlock and alarm disc lock, they only have one function, only can alarm system.
7Can the battery rechargeable?
NO, but the batteries can be replaced.